Penny: Introduction

The Penny is one of the most famous British coins. The coin itself has been around since 600AD and at various times has been struck in silver, copper and bronze. Originally split into halfpenny and farthing, it is now itself the least denomination coin currently in circulation. Made from copper (actually copper plated steel).

Originally there were 12 pennies in one shilling and 240 pennies in £1; since decimalisation in 1973 there are 100 new pence in one pound.

The following have minted Penny during their reign:

 ObverseCoenwulf of Mercia
 ObverseAethelstan I
 ObverseAlfred the Great
 ObverseEdward the Elder
 ObverseEdgar the Peaceful (Eadgar)
 ObverseEdward the Martyr
 ObverseEthelred the Unready (Ethelred II)
(978-1013 and 1014-106)
 ObverseCanute (Cnut)
 ObverseEdward the Confessor
 ObverseHarold II
 ObverseWilliam I
 ObverseWilliam II
 ObverseHenry I
(Empress 1141-1148)
 ObverseHenry II
 ObverseRichard I
 ObverseHenry III
 ObverseEdward I
 ObverseHenry VII
 ObverseElizabeth I
 ObverseCharles II
 ObverseGeorge III
 ObverseGeorge IV
 ObverseEdward VII
 ObverseGeorge V
 ObverseGeorge VI
 ObverseElizabeth II