Henry I Penny

Henry I (1100-1135)

Classification: Norman Kings

Henry was born in Selby, Yorkshire in 1068, the fourth son of WIlliam I. His elder brothers ruled Normandy and England, and for a while Henry was landless. Eventually he built his power and after the death of William II in 1100 became King Henry I, and ruled until his death in Normandy, France on 1 December 1135 (aged 66–67).

Henry I was thought of as harsh but a competent King. Although Henry had at least 24 illegitimate children by various mistresses, when his only legitimate son died, Henry remarried in the hope of another son and heir, but when that failed he tried to leave the throne to his only daughter, Matilda. That didn't work out and Henry was succeeded by his nephew, Stephen of Blois.

 Obverse Reverse1115 Penny - Henry I, Double Inscription Type
Mintage: N/A
 Obverse Reverse1121 Penny - Henry I
Mintage: N/A

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