Edward I Penny

Edward I (1272-1307)

Classification: Plantagenet King of England. Hammered.

Edward was born in June 1239 at the Palace of Westminster, London, first son of Henry III of England and Eleanor of Provence. As a boy he was know as The Lord Edward. He became King on 12 November 1272, known as Hammer of the Scots and Edward Longshanks (as he was 6 feet two inches, which was very tall at that time). He died on 7 July 1307 (aged 68).

The coins of Edward I can be divided in two periods. 1272-1279 was the continuation of the Long Cross Coinage, where all the coins carried the name of Henry III. In 1279, Edward produced new coinage that featured his name and also introduced the halfpenny, farthing and a four pence coin called a 'Groat'.

 Obverse Reverse1279 Penny - Edward I
Mintage: Rare

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