Groat: Introduction

The Groat is an old coin worth four pence. It was found in England, Ireland and Scotland. The English Groat can be traced back to Edward I and was minted (not every year) up until Victoria although the fourpence coin is still minted today for use in Maundy sets.

The following have minted Groat during their reign:

 ObverseEdward III
 ObverseHenry VI
 ObverseEdward IV
(1461-1470 and 1471-1483)
 ObverseEdward V
 ObverseRichard III
 ObverseHenry VII
 ObverseHenry VIII
 ObverseMary I - Philip and Mary
(Mary 1553-54 - Philip and Mary 1554-58)
 ObverseElizabeth I
 ObverseCharles I
 ObverseWilliam IV