Half-Crowns: Introduction

The Half Crown was a British coin which was valued at "2/6" (two shilling and sixpence) – 12½ pence in modern currency. It was literally half the value of the Crown.

Half crowns were first issued around 1549 in gold or silver. It was then issued by the majority of Monarchs (plus Oliver Cromwell) all the way through to Elizabeth II. The last standard mintage was in 1967 and the coin was officially demonetised in 1970, one year before full decimalisation. A proof half crown was released in 1970.

Due to it's long history, Half-Crowns are great to collect. You see nice Elizabeth II Half-Crowns on ebay from 99p. The earlier ones (pre-1947) contain silver so will be a little more to buy, but you can even get Victorian Half-Crowns on ebay for about £20.

The following have minted Half-Crowns during their reign:

 ObverseElizabeth I
 ObverseCharles I
 ObverseCharles II
 ObverseWilliam and Mary
 ObverseWilliam III
 ObverseGeorge II
 ObverseGeorge III
 ObverseGeorge IV
 ObverseWilliam IV
 ObverseEdward VII
 ObverseGeorge V
 ObverseGeorge VI
 ObverseElizabeth II