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CoinParade Database of Coins CoinParade Database of Coins
We have information on thousands of coins with images, mintages and other information. Includes Sovereigns, £2, 50p and many more.
1136-1145 Penny Stephen 1286 Obverse 1136-1145 Penny – Stephen
Stephen, also known as Stephen of Blois, was King of England from 22 December 1135 until his death on 25 October 1154 (aged 57-62). Born in 1092 or 1096 Blois, Kingdom of France.
1889 Double Florin Reverse 1889 Double Florin – Victoria
The Double Florin was only minted from 1887 to 1890, making it one of the shortest lived denominations in British coin history. It was denominated at 4 shillings (4/-). It is a large coin, 36mm in diameter.
2022 50 Pence Coin Winnie the Pooh Kanga and Roo Silver Proof Reverse 2022 50 Pence Coin – Winnie the Pooh: Kanga and Roo Silver Proof
The 2022 Silver Proof 50p coin featuring Kanga and Roo, created by A A Milne, and is the eighth coin in a nine-coin Winnie the Pooh Collection from the Royal Mint.
1711 Sixpence Anne Obverse 1711 Sixpence – Anne (3619)
Silver Sixpence of Queen Anne minted at the Royal Mint in London in 1711. SCBC 3619. Queen Anne minted many variations of sixpence, both before, and after, the Union with Scotland in 1707. Many contain words or mint marks.
72AD 73AD Dupondius Vespasian Securitas Obverse 72AD-73AD Dupondius – Vespasian / Securitas
Orichalcum Dupondius of Emperor Vespasian struck around 72-73AD at the Lugdunum Mint in Gaul. Orichalcum is a golden-coloured bronze alloy that was often used in ancient Rome coinage.
1883 Sovereign Proof Melbourne St George Reverse 1883 Gold Sovereign Melbourne – St George
1883 Gold sovereigns have many variations. They can be made in London, Melbourne, Perth or Sydney and can also in the same year have combinations of St George or Shield backs.
1935 Crown Reverse 1935 Crown – ‘Rocking Horse’ Jubilee Crown
1935 Crown - 'Rocking Horse' Jubilee Crown
2022 Five Pounds Silver Queens Reign Honours Reverse 2022 Queen’s Reign Honours and Investitures £5 – Awarding Honours
This was the first coin in a Royal Mint collection called The Queen's Reign Honours and Investitures. The first coin celebrates the role of Her Majesty in awarding honours that recognise individual service, the second concerns charitable work and the third coin celebrates the Queen as Head of the Commonwealth.
2021 Queens Beasts Gold 1oz Reverse 2021 Queen’s Beasts – 1oz Gold Proof
The Queen's Beasts series concludes with a coin that shows all ten of the Queen's Beast. This one-ounce 999.9 gold proof has a limited edition of 625. Issued on 29 April 2021, the coin was minted as BU in a £5 coin and also in various weights of silver and gold.
2022 1oz Platinum Royal Tudor Beasts Lion of England 2022 1oz Platinum Royal Tudor Beasts – Lion of England
Platinum bullion coin, contains 1 Troy Oz of 999.5 Fine Platinum. Denominated at £100. Part of the Royal Tudor Beasts collection.

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