Offa Penny

Offa (0757-0796)

Classification: ANGLO-SAXON, Kings of Mercia.

Offa, or Offa of Mercia, was an Anglo-Saxon King of Mercia 757-796. He was the son of Thingfrith and came to power after a civil war, which saw the assassination of his cousin Æthelbald. Offa then defeated his rival Beornred to win the throne.

Offa is famous for building a Dyke (Offa's Dyke) as a defence against the Welsh armies. Offa was a Christian King, but after a disagreement with the Church, Offa split the archdiocese of Canterbury into two, thus creating the archdiocese of Lichfield.

The coins of King Offa are of high quality and as such can demand high prices. Some coins show his wife Cynethryth and are the only Anglo-Saxon coins to show a queen. There is little information about the location of Mints or the Moneyers that were around at the time.

It is thought that there are three gold coins that survive from Offa's reign. These may have a price tag of £250,000-£750,000 and maybe even more.

Offa died on 29 July 796.

 Obverse Reverse 780-792 Penny - Cynethryth, wife of Offa
Mintage: Rare
 Obverse Reverse 785-792 Penny - Offa
Mintage: Rare

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