Shillings: Introduction

The Shilling (written 1/-) is one-twentieth of a pound, worth 12 old pence (5 new pence). It is traditionally a silver coin, but since 1947 it has been made from cupro-nickel. Shillings are known as 'Bobs'.

Shillings are old coins and the English shilling has been around since about 1549, although there were 12 pence coins before that called Testoons from about 1489. The British shillings was the continuation from 1707.

The following have minted Shillings during their reign:

 ObverseEdward VI
 ObverseMary I - Philip and Mary
(Mary 1553-54 - Philip and Mary 1554-58)
 ObverseElizabeth I
 ObverseJames I
 ObverseCharles I
 ObverseOliver Cromwell / Commonwealth
 ObverseCharles II
 ObverseGeorge I
 ObverseGeorge II
 ObverseGeorge III
 ObverseGeorge IV
 ObverseWilliam IV
 ObverseEdward VII
 ObverseGeorge V
 ObverseGeorge VI
 ObverseElizabeth II