Sixpences: Introduction

The Sixpence (half a shilling) was a British silver coin that was first minted 1551 and virtually continuously until decimalisation in 1971. They were often known as 'tanners'. They are small coins, the last minted had a diameter of about 19.4 mm.

It was a popular coin when in circulation and is now popular with collectors as it has a long history and many nice specimens can be obtained at affordable prices.

The following have minted Sixpences during their reign:

 ObverseEdward VI
 ObverseMary I - Philip and Mary
(Mary 1553-54 - Philip and Mary 1554-58)
 ObverseElizabeth I
 ObverseJames I
 ObverseCharles I
 ObverseOliver Cromwell / Commonwealth
 ObverseCharles II
 ObverseJames II
 ObverseWilliam and Mary
 ObverseWilliam III
 ObverseGeorge I
 ObverseGeorge II
 ObverseGeorge III
 ObverseGeorge IV
 ObverseWilliam IV
 ObverseEdward VII
 ObverseGeorge V
 ObverseElizabeth II