Crowns: Introduction

The Crown is a very old coin, with origins dating back to Henry VIII. The English Crown first appeared in 1526. It had a value of five shillings (a quarter of a pound) but in 1990 was redenominated to £5. Although still legal tender, these days it is effectively a commemorative coin minted in Cupronickel, Silver or Gold. This list is the traditional Crowns (5 shillings), for the modern decimal crowns/£5 made after 1990 see the Five Pound Coins list.

Crowns are wonderful coins to collect. They are large coins with a long history. The pre-1947 coins will all contain silver so are a nice investment too. Prices start at about £12, and £40 will probably get you a nice Victorian Crown. Older ones may require a few hundred pounds but there are plently of Crowns around and you may get a bargain somewhere. Start by looking on ebay.

The following have minted Crowns during their reign:

 ObverseEdward VI
 ObverseElizabeth I
 ObverseJames I
 ObverseCharles I
 ObverseOliver Cromwell / Commonwealth
 ObverseCharles II
 ObverseJames II
 ObverseWilliam and Mary
 ObverseWilliam III
 ObverseGeorge I
 ObverseGeorge II
 ObverseGeorge III
 ObverseGeorge IV
 ObverseEdward VII
 ObverseGeorge V
 ObverseGeorge VI
 ObverseElizabeth II