Henry III Penny

Henry III (1216-1272)

Classification: Hammered coinage. Plantagenet.

Henry III, also known as Henry of Winchester, was born on 1 October 1207 in the Great Hall at Winchester. His parents were King John of England and Isabella of Angoulême. Henry became King on 28 October 1216, aged just 9 years old and went on to rule for 56 years.

Besides King of England, Henry was Lord of Ireland and Duke of Aquitaine (now part of South France). Henry married Eleanor of Provence in 1236, until his death in 1272.

Henry III died aged 65 on 16 November 1272 at Westminster, London. He was succeeded by his son, Edward I.

 Obverse Reverse1222-1229 Penny - Henry III
Mintage: N/A

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