Stephen Penny

Stephen (1135-1154)

Classification: Norman Kings, House of Blois

Stephen, also known as Stephen of Blois, was King of England from 22 December 1135 until his death on 25 October 1154 (aged 57-62). Born in 1092 or 1096 Blois, Kingdom of France. He married Matilda I, Countess of Boulogne.

Most of King Stephen's reign was dominated by The Anarchy, which was a civil war between England and Normady, mainly about succession wher he fought again his cousin the Empress Matilda (also known as Empress Maud). Peace only came after they agreed that Maud's son (Henry II) would succeed Stephen.

 Obverse Reverse1136-1145 Penny - Stephen
Mintage: Rare

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