Henry II Penny

Henry II (1154-1189)

Classification: King of England, House of Plantagenet

Henry II was born on 5 March 1133 at Le Mans, France, to the Empress Matilda and Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou. In 1152, he married Eleanor of Aquitaine, the former Queen of France as the wife of King Louis VII. He became King of England on 19 December 1154. 

Henry was not a popular King, and the murder of Thomas Becket and other incidents made him even less liked. He claimed the throne that Stephen of Blois had occupied and then fell out with several of his eight sons, including Richard. Henry II wanted his son John to be King, but after conflict Henry, already seriously ill, died on 6 July 1189 in France and the next monarch was Richard I.

The Coins of Henry II

From 1158-1180 was the "Cross-and-Crosslets", better know as "Tealby" coinage after a huge hoard of over 600 coins were found in Tealby, Lincolnshire in 1807. Twenty-nine mints were started to create the new coins, and about twelve remained after completion.

From 1180-1189 was the "Short Cross" coinage. It's important in some ways as these coins were used during the reign of Henry II, Richard, Stephen and grandson Henry III. No English coins carry the name Richard or John. All the coins carry the name "HENRICVS", but there's a lot of mints and moneyers involved during these reigns.

 Obverse Reverse1180 Penny - Henry II Short Cross Type
Mintage: N/A

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