Edgar the Peaceful (Eadgar) Penny

Edgar the Peaceful (Eadgar) (0959-0975)

Classification: King of the English; House of Wessex; Hammered.

Eadgar, also known as Edgar I, Edgar the Peaceful and Edgar the Peaceable, was King of the English from 959 until his death in 975.

Eadgar was born in 943 or 944, son of Edmund, King of England and Ælfgifu of Shaftesbury. He died on 8 July 975, aged 30-32, in Winchester, Hampshire, England and is buried at Glastonbury Abbey.

Eadgar minted coins at various places around the country. The coins are classed as Pre-Reform (959-973), and Reform Coinage (in 973) when Eadgar introduced new coinage that featured the head of the Monarch (as opposed to simple patterns). The new coins also carried the mint and moneyer.

 Obverse Reverse 964 Penny - Eadgar (Edgar the Peaceful)
Mintage: N/A