George William de Saulles George William de Saulles, Sculptor, Designer & Engraver (1862-1903) - G W De Saulles was a former Chief Engraver at the Royal Mint and engraved several coins for Queen Victoria and King Edward VII.
George Kruger Gray, Coin-Designer, Painter & Medallist (1880-1943) - George Kruger Gray was an English designer, painter and medallist. Gray was a leading designer for the Royal Mint but designed coins and medals for many countries.
Thomas Simon Engraver Thomas Simon, Engraver (1618-1665) - Thomas Simon (1618-1665) was the Chief Engraver at the Royal Mint from 1649 to 1660. He was a noted medallist, die and seal engraver and gem engraver.
William Wyon William Wyon, Medallist & Engraver (1795-1851) - William Wyon was the most famous of the Wyon family of medallists and engraver. Here is a short bio of his life.
Benedetto Pistrucci Who was Benedetto Pistrucci? - Benedetto Pistrucci (1783-1855) was an Italian engraver and medallist who is probably most widely known amongst numismatists as the designer of the famous George and the Dragon image shown on the gold sovereign reverse.