Peace Dollar Article Series The Peace Silver Dollar’s Belated Creation - Why was the Peace Dollar released in 1921? The Armistice of November 1918 and the Versailles Treaty in June of 1919 would make a rational person believe that the U.S. Peace silver dollar should have been released years before 1921. Little do people know that there was another pivotal signing that marked the release of these collectible coins.
Peace Dollar The Creation of the Peace Silver Dollar - Farran Zerbe was the coin collector who founded the Chase Manhattan Bank Money Museum in New York City with his own superb coin collection. He campaigned for a new silver dollar coin intended for circulation. Finally, on May 9th, 1921 a joint resolution by the House and Senate brought the Peace Dollar into existence.
Peace Silver Dollars - The story of the Peace Silver dollars. The most important concept behind the making of the Peace Silver Dollars was to produce a symbol of peacefulness and a reminder that the World War ended.