Liberty Seated Dollar: A Rare Collection

By Pia Cartel

An ordinary coin is worth more than $150 provided that it is in good condition. The value of these coins increases each year. For a coin collector, the rare series of Liberty seated dollar coins is the most special he could find. The coins date back as far as 1850 on which the Lady Liberty is seen seated on a rock as opposed to how she is seen today, in a standing position. Finding these coins would not only mean thrill and excitement but you can be sure each is worth more than those ordinary coins at an auction. It has to be in a good condition though to be able to get more value from it. This special series are no longer circulating and so far only a few of the series are known to be existing today.

A collector knows exactly what to look for to verify the authenticity of the coins. There are people who would try to play some tricks but this is not possible. There are mintmarks as well which would increase the value of each coin. Example of these mint marks are the “cc” markings and the initial of the state where it was produced. The design came from Gobrecht and the coins were produced in small quantities between the periods of 1836-1873. What made them more special is that the coins were produced and circulated during the time when there were no silver coins circulating in the country. The design was never again found in the succeeding silver coins. The reverse side design though with the flying eagle was used later for small cents.

In collecting or buying coins especially rare ones like the Liberty seated dollar, the feel and the appearance must be checked as well as the grade. The important things to note in order to make sure of the authenticity of the coin are the weight, appearance, edges and the mints. The weight is very important to determine whether the coin presented to you is real or not. The wear of the coin will not affect the weight. A collector knows the how much his coins weigh. If a coin presented is over or under the expected value then you are holding a fake one. Be sure to know your coins well. Having the rare coins is having history in your own hands. It is a treasure that is a must kept forever.

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