American Silver Eagles New Category: American Silver Eagles - New Category: American Silver Eagles. The American Silver Eagle is a one-ounce .999 silver coin denominated at one dollar and minted 1986-present.
US Trade Dollar Coins How Rare Are the US Trade Dollar Coins? - When silver prices crashed in 1876, the Trade Dollar flooded the American economy. How rare and how collectable are they now?
Peace Dollar Article Series The Peace Silver Dollar’s Belated Creation - Why was the Peace Dollar released in 1921? The Armistice of November 1918 and the Versailles Treaty in June of 1919 would make a rational person believe that the U.S. Peace silver dollar should have been released years before 1921. Little do people know that there was another pivotal signing that marked the release of these collectible coins.
Silver Dollars The Silver Dollar Since 1840 - A short overview of the story of the American Silver Dollar since 1840, from the Liberty Seated Dollar, Trade Dollar, Morgan Dollar, Peace Dollar and the Eisenhower Dollar.
Morgan Dollar Article Series The Morgan Silver Dollar – An American Treasure - The Morgan silver dollar is a unique part of the history of America. Not highly regarded in its day, the coin is now one of the most collected of all United States coins.
1900 Lafayette Dollar 1900 Lafayette, America’s First Commemorative Silver Dollar - The Lafayette commemorative silver dollar was America's first commemorative silver dollar and the first coin to have a portrait of the first president on it. It was the only silver dollar commemorative coin minted until 1983.
Morgan Dollar 1889 Morgan Silver Dollar - Although all of the Morgan Dollars have more value than their face value, the 1889 Morgan Silver Dollar has the most value and is the most sought after coin in the entire Morgan Dollar series.
1794 Flowing Hair Dollar The Flowing Hair Silver Dollar – An American Beauty - One of many more fascinating aspects of America's early days regards the origin of the early United States silver dollar coin, specifically The Flowing Hair Silver Dollar.
1879 Morgan Dollar The 1879 Morgan Silver Dollar and the ‘Schoolgirl’ Pattern Dollar - 1879 was a notable year for the Morgan Silver Dollar. The Morgan design was first released in 1878 and production was increased by using four mints in 1879. There were a number of varieties and a very special 'Schoolgirl' pattern dollar.
Morgan Dollar Article Series The Morgan Dollar – 1878 to 1921 - The Morgan Dollar is a United States Silver Dollar named after its designer, George T. Morgan. These were made from 1878 to 1904, and then again, in 1921, just for that year.