Lincoln Cents – World’s Most Popular Coin for Numismatists

By Pia Cartel

Coin collecting can be a profitable investment however, it depends upon the kind of coins being collected and not on the amount of coins that you have in your possession. Some coins are highly rare that cost considerably in the market. The price it commands is not based on the gold or silver content but on its rarity. If you are judging your collection based on the popularity of a coin, no doubt one of the most obviously popular coins are the Lincoln Cents. It seems that most collectors especially in America have at least one Lincoln Cent as part of their coin collection.

Reasons for the popularity of Lincoln Cents

• The Lincoln Cent has been in circulation for almost 100 years. It has the longest used design on any American coin that has circulated in the market. The design of the popular series has been repeatedly changed from depicting wheat stalks to Lincoln Memorial with a permanent new design from 2010 onwards.

• Pennies are cheap. People are hardly aware even if these coins go out of circulation. It is not impossible for some of the coins to be kept inside drawers or cabinets. When people have loose change, they hardly every care where it is placed until such time that it becomes highly rare and valuable

• Some of the coins have had some errors in alignment due to the dies used to make the coins. From out of such errors, the coins have become rare and highly in demand among coin collectors. One of the more popular errors in the mint design is found on the 1955 Doubled Die Lincoln Cent.

When you are a coin collector, the rarer the coins are the more that your collection becomes valuable. As most often the case, it is not actually the popularity of the coin that should be your gauge. It is often difficult to predict the market and how it will respond to some coins that appeal to collectors. Since coin collection is a hobby that obviously makes you proud and happy, the best step is to choose the coins that appeal to both your heart and mind.

Usually a coin collection is passed to the future generation. Only few people loves collecting coins and give importance to it. In order to make it a valuable and profitable inheritance for the family, make the effort to choose the coins that will appreciate in price and value.

For more information on the popular series of Lincoln Cents visit the site The Lincoln Cent was designed by Victor D. Brenner and has been issued from 1909 to date with the same obverse design.

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