2019 Five Pound Coin – Tower of London: Crown Jewels

The 2019 Five Pound Coin - Tower of London: Crown Jewels

The Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom (originally the Crown Jewels of England), are 140 royal ceremonial objects kept in the Jewel House and Martin Tower at the Tower of London. They are used for ceremonies such as the Coronation of the Monarch.

The Crown Jewels have 23,578 jewels including the Cullinan I (530 carats, 106g), the largest clear cut diamond in the world, set in the Sovereign's Sceptre, and the The Koh-i-Noor diamond (105 carats, 21g).

The value: priceless.

In 2019 the Royal Mint introduced a 4-coin series called "The Tower of London". The coins tell the story of the famous London fortress (officially called Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London) and shows some the the ancient ceremonies that are still carried out. 

The Tower is the property of the Crown and dates back to 1078, with the last extension in 1399. It is a popular tourist attraction with about 3 million visitors each year and is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The coins feature The Legend of the RavensThe Crown JewelsYeoman Warders and The Ceremony of the Keys

All of the coins in this collection feature a special Tower mint mark. 

There are many variants: BU £5, Silver Proof £5, Silver Piedfort Proof £5, 5oz Silver Proof, Gold £5, Gold 1/4 oz and Gold 5 oz. 

The BU edge is milled, but on the Silver Proof versions the edge is inscribed "On into twilight within walls of stone".

For each coins the Reverse Designer was Glyn Davies and the Obverse Designer is Jody Clark.

The series in order of release is:

  1. Legend of the Ravens
  2. Ceremony of the Keys
  3. Yeoman Warders
  4. Crown Jewels
Images used by permission of The Royal Mint

Mintage: Not known
Minted at The Royal Mint.
Remember 2019 ?
The Monarch is Elizabeth II. UK Prime Minister is Theresa May (Conservative), but she resigns in June and Boris Johnson becomes leader, soon with no majority in the Commons. Brexit still dominates and to break the stalemate a General Election is called in December with a spectacular result for the Conservatives; Boris has a majority of 80. SNP dominate Scotland. US President is Donald Trump. England win an amazing Cricket World Cup and the Ashes; Ben Stokes is hero. The World worries about climate change.
Elizabeth II (1952-Present)
Queen Elizabeth II is the current and longest reigning monarch ever. Born on 21 April 1926 to King George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, she became Queen in 1952 and her Coronation was on 2 June 1953.

Queen Elizabeth II has issued many coins and was monarch during decimalisation.
General Description: Five Pound Coins
As Crowns were redenominated from 25p (five shillings) to £5 in 1990, this category contains the newer 'decimal crowns'. We call them five pound coins because there are quite a number of these and the Royal Mint doesn't always refer to them as Crowns, although they seem to have the same weight and general dimensions. For the older, traditional coins see our Crowns category.

The Royal Mint issue many £5 coins both individually and as a series. They are all commemorative and are usually available as BU and silver, often gold and sometimes with other series variants like 1oz, 5oz, 10oz, etc. There are always plenty on ebay.
Which Mint: The Royal Mint
The Royal Mint is the designated place for the UK to mint coins. It dates back well over 1000 years and is a Government-owned company. 

Formed in the reign of Alfred the Great about the year 886, during the period 1279-1812 it was generally referred to as The Tower Mint as it was housed at the Tower of London. The Master of The Royal Mint has included famous figures such as Sir Isaac Newton.

Since 2010 it has operated as Royal Mint Ltd, a company owned by HM Treasury, under an exclusive contract to supply all coinage for the UK although it also produces medals and coins for other countries. It is currently located at Llantrisant, Wales.

There is also an on-line shop at The Royal Mint Shop.
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
The United Kingdom (UK) is the Union of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is often refered to as Great Britain (GBR). It has a long, rich history.

The orignal coinage was Pounds, Shillings and Pence but since decimalisation on 15 February 1971, it is £1 = 100p, that is One Pound = 100 pence. The coinage of the UK is also a long history, the Royal Mint being established as long ago as 886AD when coins were hammered. Today there is perhaps 30 billion coins in circulation, and many (numismatic) collectors coins and sets are issued frequently in gold, silver and other metals.
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