Henry VIII Groat

Henry VIII (1509-1547)

Classification: House of Tudor. King of England. Hammered.

Henry VIII was born in 28 June 1491, his parents being King Henry VII of England, Elizabeth of York. He became King in 1509 aged just seventeen.

Henry was well educated and athletic, standing six feet tall. Henry liked to have his own way and could ruthlessly enforce it, and in doing so blew the fortune left him by his Father. He split with the Pope who didn't allow him to divorce, leading the King to become the head of the Church of England. He built a large Navy and heavily debased the currency.

Henry VIII is perhaps most well know for having six wives: Catherine of Aragon (m. 1509; ann. 1533); Anne Boleyn (m. 1533; ann. 1536); Jane Seymour (m. 1536; d. 1537); Anne of Cleves (m. 1540; ann. 1540); Catherine Howard (m. 1540; d. 1542); and Catherine Parr (m. 1543).

Three of Henry's children had a turn on the throne: Edward VI, Mary I, and Elizabeth I.

 Obverse Reverse1526-1544 Half-Groat - Henry VIII
Mintage: N/A

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