why does a Sovereign weigh 7.88g Why Does a Gold Sovereign Weigh 7.98805 grams? - Although the Gold Sovereign is one of the World's most renowned coins, it has a strange weight: 7.98805g. That's 0.2354 troy ounce which is just as obscure. So how did we get here? Why Does a Gold Sovereign Weigh 7.98805 grams?
The Gold Sovereign Portraits of Queen Elizabeth II - Queen Elizabeth II is now the longest reigning Monarch ever and as you may expect there has been quite a number of different portraits on coins, not only on the UK but many other associated countries. On British Gold Sovereigns there have been five different portraits plus a special commemorative portrait.
1937 Gold Sovereign Reverse RM 1937 Edward VIII Gold Sovereign Sells for £1 million – and here’s Why - Edward VIII became King on 20 January 1936 and abdicated in December 1936. The public never got to hold any coins with the portrait of the new King - but some coins did exist. This is the story of one of them.
Benedetto Pistrucci Who was Benedetto Pistrucci? - Benedetto Pistrucci (1783-1855) was an Italian engraver and medallist who is probably most widely known amongst numismatists as the designer of the famous George and the Dragon image shown on the gold sovereign reverse.
Minimum Weight for Gold Sovereigns Do You Know there is a Minimum Weight for Gold Sovereigns? - Most gold sovereign collectors should be able to tell you that a new gold sovereign weighs 7.9881 grammes (or grams). But do they know what the minimum weight is?
1904 Gold Sovereign Melbourne Reverse 640x320 Australian Gold Sovereigns – History and Mintage - Besides being minted in Britain, Gold Sovereigns have been made in Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Perth) between 1871 and 1931. The Australian coins carry a small mintmark ('S','M','P) just above the date to represent Sydney Mint, Melbourne Mint and Perth Mint.
MJH Guide to Gold Sovereigns M J Hughes Coins Launches iPhone App For Gold Sovereigns - A new free App for the iPhone, MJH Guide To Gold Sovereigns, has been launched by M J Hughes Coins. The iPhone App is a listing of Gold Sovereign coins with history, mintage information and other associated facts and data. Many with images of obverse/reverse.
Queen Victoria Heads Queen Victoria Gold Sovereigns Portraits (Heads) - Victoria ruled for 64 years, a record only recently surpassed by Queen Elizabeth II. Over her long reign she posed for many portraits for coins but on the gold sovereign there are three major variations: Young Head, Jubilee Head and Old Head.
Gold £5, Gold 5 pounds Gold £5 Coin or Gold Crown? - There are two basic types of Gold Five Pound (£5) Coins - the Gold £5 (Quintuple Sovereign) and the Gold Crown. Here is the difference, how they came about and how to tell them apart.
2005 Perth Prospector Collection: An unusual gold set. - The 2005 Perth Prospector Collection consists of a Gold 1oz Prospector Nugget Coin, a 1905 Perth Mint Sovereign and 1/4oz natural gold nuggets, beautifully packaged in a wooden box.