1070 Penny William I Obverse 1070 Penny – William I (William the Conqueror) - Silver penny of William the Conqueror, struck about 1070-1072 at the London Mint of moneyer Ealdgar. The Obverse shows a crowned King William facing, with a canopy of two columns. This is known as the 'Canopy Type'.
1551-1553 Threepence – Edward VI 1551-1553 Threepence – Edward VI - Silver threepence of King Edward VI. Third period. Minted between 1551 and 1553 at the Tower (London) Mint.
2006 Two Pound Coin - Isambard Kingdom Brunel 2006 Two Pound Coin – Isambard Kingdom Brunel - In 2006 the Royal Mint released two coins celebrating the 200th year of the birth of one of Britain's greatest engineers - Isambard Kingdom Brunel (1806-1859). Brunel was a key figure in the Industrial Revolution and he is remembered for many things, including railways, steamships, bridges and buildings.
Penny - Richard I (Richard the Lionheart) 1189 Penny – Richard I - If you're looking for Richard's name in the legend then you may be disappointed as it says HENRICVS, as the coins were struck in the name and design of Henry II (and continued to be so in the next reign too).
The 1806 Halfpenny - George III 1806 Halfpenny – George III - There had been a need for a circulation halfpenny since the reign of Charles II but due to the (relatively) high production costs mintage was sporadic. In 1797 the Royal Mint asked Matthew Boulton to produce copper coins at his Soho Mint in Birmingham and the Fourth Issue coinage included the halfpenny (and also twopence, penny and farthing).
1663 Shilling Charles II 1663 Shilling – Charles II (Milled, First Bust) - By 1663 the Royal Mint was ready to end hammered coinage and replace it with the milled coinage created by the machine of Peter (Pierre) Blondeau. This is a silver shilling of King Charles II, minted in 1663 at the Tower Mint in London.
1483 Groat Edward V with pellet Obverse 1483 Groat – Edward V (with pellet) - Short article on the 1483 Silver Groat, thought to be of King Edward V (see notes). This coin has the halved sun and rose mark introduced to represent the new mint master Bartholomew Reed on 12 February 1483.
The British Monarchs Collection 2022-2026 The British Monarchs Collection 2022-2026 - The Royal Mint collection will feature images of Monarchs from Tudor, Stuart, Hanoverian and Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha).
975 Penny – Edward the Martyr 975 Penny – Edward the Martyr - Silver Penny of Edward the Martyr, minted some time between 975-978. at the Lincoln Mint of Moneyer Rodbert. Edward became King in 975 when he was only about 13 years old and reigned until he was murdered in 978.
2020 Five Pound Tower of London The Royal Menagerie 2020 Five Pound Coin – Tower of London: The Royal Menagerie - One of the strange stories of the Tower of London was that in 1235 Henry III (1216-72) created maybe the first zoo of exotic animals seen in England.