Latin Inscriptions Basic Coin Collecting Anatomy and Terms - If you are new to coin collecting then it is time to learn the proper terms when describing your coins. This is the special language of a numismatist (who is someone who studies and collects coins).
worn coin silver coin grading A Basic Introduction to Coin Grading - Coin Grading is determining the condition of a coin. Condition is everything when two like coins compete for best price. Would you buy the MS 63 Penny or the VF Penny?
Coin Care - If your coins are a few years (or hundreds of years) old, then there is a good chance that they may look a little dull, maybe discoloured, dirty, moldy, show fingerprints and all sorts of thing that you may think spoil it from its former mint-state glory. So here's what to do...
No Picture Begin Your Coin Collection With 4 Simple Tips - Author: Hazel Blackthorne Coin collecting can be a very interesting and rewarding hobby. It is interesting because you will learn the history about coins and [...]