John Penny

John (1199-1216)

Classification: Hammered coinage. Plantagenet/Angevin

John was born at Beaumont Palace, Oxford on 24 December 1166 to King Henry II and Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine. John became King on 27 May 1199 and ruled until his death on 19 October 1216 at Newark castle. He is buried at Worcester Cathedral.

King John was married twice: Isabella, Countess of Gloucester (m. 1189–1199) and Isabella of Angoulême (m. 1200–1216). He was succeeded by his son, Henry III.

King John lost many of the French lands to King Philip II of France. Historians have mixed messages about how good a monarch John was, but to most King John will be remembered for the Magna Carta and probably as the (maybe fictional) adversary of Robin Hood.

 Obverse Reverse1205-1207 Penny - John
Mintage: N/A

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