Vitellius Roman

Vitellius (Emperor 69AD-69AD)

Born Aulus Vitellius on 24 September 15AD, Vitellius became Emperor on 17 April 69AD. 69AD was the Year of the Four Emperors and Vitellius was the third, and he lasted 8 months. As conflict reached a peak, Vitellius decided to abdicate but was killed by an angry mob. He died on 20 December 69AD aged 54.

Although Vitellius ruled for only a short period, he minted coins at the Spanish mint of Tarraco (now Tarragona) from January 69AD, and later from the Lugdunum Mint (now Lyon, France). By the summer the Mint of Rome was used. Every coin of Vitellius features the title "Germanicus", referring to the legions of the Rhine that supported his bid for power, shortened to "Germ" on legends.

The coins minted before his official proclamation on 19 April 69AD did not use "Augustus". After his election on 18 July 69AD coins carried the title "Pontifex Maximus". The final coins of Vitellius were the aurei and denarii, with the reverse showing (maybe optimistically) the goddess Victory building a trophy.


 Obverse Reverse69AD Denarius - Vitellius / Victory
Mintage: N/A
 Obverse Reverse69AD Denarius - Vitellius / with his children
Mintage: N/A
 Obverse Reverse69AD Gold Aureus - Vitellius / Concordia
Mintage: N/A

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