2022 Five Pounds Silver Queens Reign Honours Reverse 2022 Queen’s Reign Honours and Investitures £5 – Awarding Honours - This was the first coin in a Royal Mint collection called The Queen's Reign Honours and Investitures. The first coin celebrates the role of Her Majesty in awarding honours that recognise individual service, the second concerns charitable work and the third coin celebrates the Queen as Head of the Commonwealth.
2022 Five Pounds 40th Birthday of Duke of Cambridge Reverse RM 2022 Five Pounds – 40th Birthday of Duke of Cambridge - Five Pound coin to celebrate the birthday of HRH The Duke of Cambridge (Prince William). The coin is available as Uncirculated, Silver Proof, Silver Proof Piedfort, Gold Proof and also as a range of weights of Gold Proof coins.
2020 Five Pound Tower of London The Royal Menagerie 2020 Five Pound Coin – Tower of London: The Royal Menagerie - One of the strange stories of the Tower of London was that in 1235 Henry III (1216-72) created maybe the first zoo of exotic animals seen in England.