780-792 Penny Cynethryth, wife of Offa 780-792 Penny – Cynethryth, wife of Offa - A rare penny, showing Cynethryth, Queen of the Mercians and wife of King Offa. Cynethryth is the only Anglo-Saxon queen known to have an image on a coin.
CoinParade Database of Coins CoinParade Database of Coins - We have information on thousands of coins with images, mintages and other information. Includes Sovereigns, £2, 50p and many more.
2005 Gunpowder Plot 2 Pounds 2005 2 Pound Coin: Gunpowder Plot, Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night. - In 2005 it was the 400th anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot and the Royal Mint commemorated the event with a two pound coin.
2008 Platinum Britannia Set 10 Interesting Facts About Platinum - Platinum is a dense, stable and rare metal that is more than ten times rarer than gold. There are a number of coins that contain platinum and it is often used in jewellery. Here are some interesting facts about this rare metal.