2022 Five Pounds Silver Queens Reign Honours Reverse 2022 Queen’s Reign Honours and Investitures £5 – Awarding Honours - This was the first coin in a Royal Mint collection called The Queen's Reign Honours and Investitures. The first coin celebrates the role of Her Majesty in awarding honours that recognise individual service, the second concerns charitable work and the third coin celebrates the Queen as Head of the Commonwealth.
2021 Queens Beasts Gold 1oz Reverse 2021 Queen’s Beasts – 1oz Gold Proof - The Queen's Beasts series concludes with a coin that shows all ten of the Queen's Beast. This one-ounce 999.9 gold proof has a limited edition of 625. Issued on 29 April 2021, the coin was minted as BU in a £5 coin and also in various weights of silver and gold.
2022 1oz Platinum Royal Tudor Beasts Lion of England 2022 1oz Platinum Royal Tudor Beasts – Lion of England - Platinum bullion coin, contains 1 Troy Oz of 999.5 Fine Platinum. Denominated at £100. Part of the Royal Tudor Beasts collection.
2022 Five Pounds 40th Birthday of Duke of Cambridge Reverse RM 2022 Five Pounds – 40th Birthday of Duke of Cambridge - Five Pound coin to celebrate the birthday of HRH The Duke of Cambridge (Prince William). The coin is available as Uncirculated, Silver Proof, Silver Proof Piedfort, Gold Proof and also as a range of weights of Gold Proof coins.
1826 Penny George IV Reverse 1826 Penny – George IV - There are several variations of the 1826 Penny, mainly on the Saltire (Saint Andrew's Cross) which can have plain, thin or thick lines. The proof version has the same variants.
1070 Penny William I Obverse 1070 Penny – William I (William the Conqueror) - Silver penny of William the Conqueror, struck about 1070-1072 at the London Mint of moneyer Ealdgar. The Obverse shows a crowned King William facing, with a canopy of two columns. This is known as the 'Canopy Type'.
64AD 65AD 66AD Sestertius Nero Reverse 64AD-66AD Sestertius – Nero - Military manoeuvrers are often shown on Roman Coins. This coin is an AE (Brass/Bronze) Sestertius of Emperor Nero, struck at the Rome Mint between 64AD and 66AD. The Reverse shows Nero on horseback with another soldier. Text on coin is "DECURSIO" which means 'military manoeuvrer'.
17BC Denarius - Augustus Obverse 17BC Denarius – Augustus / Apex Flaminis - Silver Denarius of the Emperor Augustus struck at the Rome Mint of the Moneyer P Licinius Stolo around 17BC. The Reverse shows an Apex flaminis (a cap worn by some Roman priests) between two ancilia.
1551-1553 Threepence – Edward VI 1551-1553 Threepence – Edward VI - Silver threepence of King Edward VI. Third period. Minted between 1551 and 1553 at the Tower (London) Mint.
Coin Fair Midland Coin Fair - The Midland Coin Fair (Birmingham UK) attracts around 50+ dealers from all around the UK and is always on the second Sunday of each month. March/June/September/December are the 'Big' fairs, which have even more dealers.