1483 Groat Edward V with pellet Obverse 1483 Groat – Edward V (with pellet) - Short article on the 1483 Silver Groat, thought to be of King Edward V (see notes). This coin has the halved sun and rose mark introduced to represent the new mint master Bartholomew Reed on 12 February 1483.
71AD Sestertius – Vespasian / Judaea Capta 71AD Sestertius – Vespasian / Judaea Capta - Ae (Bronze) Sestertius of Emperor Vespasian minted 71AD. Judaea Capta coins were a series of commemorative coins issued by the Vespasian to celebrate the capture of Judaea and the destruction of the Jewish Second Temple by his son Titus in 70 AD.
Silver denarius of Emperor Otho 69AD Denarius – Otho - The 69AD Denarius - Otho. Silver denarius of Emperor Otho, struck between 15 January 69AD and 16 April 69AD at the Rome Mint.