A List of Pre-Euro Currencies

The euro is the sole currency of 19 EU member states. Here is a list of the previous currency used and the exchanged rate as fixed.

Country Original
1 Euro=
1/100th PART
Austria Austrian Schilling 13.7603 Groschen
Belgium Belgian Franc 40.3399 Centime
Cyprus Cypriot Pound 0.585274 Cent
Estonia Estonian Kroon 15.6466 Sent
Finland Finnish Markka 5.94573 Penni
France French Franc 6.55957 Centime
Germany German Mark
(Deutsche Mark)
1.95583 Pfennig
Greece Greek Drachma 340.750 Lepton
Ireland Irish Pound 0.787564 Penny
Italy Italian Lira 1,936.27 Centesimo
Latvia Latvian Lats  0.702800 Santīms
Lithuania Lituanian Litas 3.45280 Centas
Luxembourg Luxembourgian Franc 40.3399 Cent
Malta Maltese Lira 0.429300 Cent
Netherlands (Holland) Dutch Gulden 2.20371 Cent
Portugal Portuguese Escudo 200$482 Centavo
Slovakia Slovak Koruna 30.1260 Halier
Slovenia Slovenian Tolar 239.640 Stotin
Spain Spanish Peseta 166.386 Céntimo
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