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gold coins The Sheldon Rarity Scale and other ways to define rarity in coins
I've counted 13 scales proposed for defining rarity in coins. Only a few are well accepted and none are as universally accepted as the Sheldon scale for grading coins. Perhaps the most common rarity scale is also an adaptation of Sheldon's scale.
Indian Rupee A Brief Introduction On The Coins Of Republic Of India
India won its independence from the British rule on 15th August 1947. The coins that were issued after independence are known as Republic India Coins. However, until the year 1950 India retained the monetary system of using British coins. India issued its first minted coin on August 15, 1950
Australian coins A Short History of Australian Coinage
Australian coins are very rich in history and diversity. Though Australia has only been a formal nation for slightly over a hundred years, its coinage makes up for this. The Royal Australian Mint has produced some of the most beautiful designs with rarities that surpass many others the world over.
2018 quarters 2018 America the Beautiful Quarters Program
2018 America the Beautiful Quarters is part of the America the Beautiful Quarters® Silver Proof Set series and was the 9th set to be released. The US Mint launched the series in 2010 to commemorate the most cherished National Parks and other National sites.
Brasher Doubloon The Brasher Doubloon: One of the World’s Most Expensive Coins
Only a few Brasher Doubloons exist today and you may need more than $5 million just to add one of them to your collection. Minted around 1787, it is still unclear why they were made in the first place.
USA Presidents Who are the Presidents on the most popular USA Coins?
Who are the Presidents on the most popular USA Coins?
The Early History of Stamps
Before the stamp was invented the receiver of a letter paid the postage instead of the sender, which the receiver sometimes refused to pay or accept the letter. However, sometimes the sender would just place a secret message on the letter and when ever the receiver viewed the message he did not need pay for the letter.
2017 Peter Rabbit Gold 50p 2017 Tale of Peter Rabbit Gold 50p Set
Peter Rabbit is one of Beatrix Potter's most famous and enduring characters. In 2017 the Royal Mint offered a very special limited edition gift set: an exclusive edition of the book The Tale of Peter Rabbit with a 22-carat gold 50p proof coin.
Midland Coin Fair 2018 Midland Coin Fair 2018 Dates
Around 50+ dealers from all around the UK and is always on the second Sunday of each month. March/June/September/December are the 'Big' fairs, which have even more dealers. A large selection of modern, old, gold, silver, tokens, hammered, banknotes, medal, UK and foreign. Pretty much everything. Books, wallets and coin collecting equipment also available, especially at the big fairs.
Gold Unicorn The Chinese Gold Unicorn
The Chinese Gold Unicorn is a series of bullion coins minted between 1994 and 1997 and created primarily for the export market. The coins are so named as each coin has an image of a unicorn on it.
1873 Danish 20 Kroner (image: M J Hughes Coins) Christian IX Danish Gold 20 Kroner
The Christian IX Gold 20 Kroner was minted between 1873 and 1900.  Christian IX was the King of Denmark from 1863 to 1906 and was given the nickname of The Father-in-Law of Europe.
The Chinese Gold Panda
The Chinese Gold Panda is a series of 24 carat gold bullion coins that have been minted since 1982 by the People's Republic of China. Each year depicts a (usually different) image of a Panda.
BitCoin, crypocurrency Crypto TREND – Second Edition
News about Cryptocurrencies.
MJH Guide to Gold Sovereigns M J Hughes Coins Launches iPhone App For Gold Sovereigns
A new free App for the iPhone, MJH Guide To Gold Sovereigns, has been launched by M J Hughes Coins. The iPhone App is a listing of Gold Sovereign coins with history, mintage information and other associated facts and data. Many with images of obverse/reverse.
1937 Sovereign Proof Obverse 1937 was Not the Only Gold Sovereign Minted in George VI’s Reign
The 1937 Gold Sovereign is much sought after as it is the only gold sovereign that bears the head of King George VI. But it was not the only year that sovereigns were made at the London Mint during the George's reign (1936-1952).
stock market crash 1929 Stock Market Crash – Why Did it Happen
The 1920s were were called the booming 20s as finance and property was just going up and up. So why did it suddenly crash so heavily in 1929?
Maria Theresa Thaler The Maria Theresa Thaler
The Maria Theresa thaler is a silver bullion coin that has been minted continuously since 1741. Note that all Maria Theresa thalers minted after 1780 bear the date '1780'.
George Washington Quarter - 2012 America The Beautiful Quarter George Washington
George Washington (1732-1799) was the first President of the United States and is a well known face on American coins. Washington has been on the Quarter (designed by John Flanagan) since 1932. All Americans know his history well, so here is a short bio of this remarkable man for the rest of us.
2015 Silver Two Pound Proof The Royal Navy Box 2015 Silver Two Pound Proof The Royal Navy: Yet Another Product Variant
The 2015 Silver Two Pound Proof The Royal Navy is a silver proof version of the 2015 £2 currently in circulation, and I want to use this to illustrate how the Royal Mint is augmenting its coins by issuing product variants to reach as large as possible coin collector base. 
BitCoin, crypocurrency Bitcoin and Alternative Cryptocurrencies
This year the value of Bitcoin has soared, even past one gold-ounce. There are alternative cryptocurrencies on the market, here's a quick overview.
2012 Gold Ten Pounds Diamond Jubilee 5oz Case 2012 Gold Ten Pounds Diamond Jubilee 5oz Coin
The 2012 Gold Ten Pounds Diamond Jubilee 5oz coin was issued to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, celebrating 60 years of reign. This is an incredible coin, with a diameter of 65 mm and 156g of .9999 gold.
1966 Rhodesia Gold Set 1966 Rhodesia Gold Set
The 1966 Rhodesia Gold Set has a interesting history to it. Originally, this country located in Southern Africa, was know as Southern Rhodesia. Today it is know as Zimbabwe.
2010 America the Beautiful Quarters 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Program
2010 America the Beautiful Quarters is part of the America the Beautiful Quarters® Silver Proof Set series and was the 1st set to be released. Covers Hot Springs National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park, Grand Canyon National Park and Mount Hood National Forest.
USA Quarters MIntMarks America the Beautiful Quarters Overview
America the Beautiful Quarters program series and was launched by the US Mint in 2010 to commemorate the most cherished National Parks and other National sites. Each year 5 quarters of different designs are minted and released as both Proof and Uncirculated. The series consists of 56 coins and runs from 2010 until 2021 inclusive.
2012 America the Beautiful Quarters 2012 America the Beautiful Quarters Program
2012 America the Beautiful Quarters is part of the America the Beautiful Quarters® Silver Proof Set series and was the 3rd set to be released. Covers El Yunque, Puerto Rico; Chaco Culture, New Mexico; Acadia National Park, Maine; Hawai’i Volcanoes, Hawaii and Denali, Alaska
Queen Victoria Heads Queen Victoria Gold Sovereigns Portraits (Heads)
Victoria ruled for 64 years, a record only recently surpassed by Queen Elizabeth II. Over her long reign she posed for many portraits for coins but on the gold sovereign there are three major variations: Young Head, Jubilee Head and Old Head.
1904 Maundy Set What is Maundy Money?
Maundy Money are coins traditionally given out by the Monarch as a gift to the poor at Royal Maundy. The ceremony, which is associated with Christianity, is held on Maundy Thursday which is the day before Good Friday. The Maundy set consists of four coins , denominated one-, two-, three- and four-pence.
German Gold 20 Mark Wilhelm II Wilhelm II Gold 20 Marks Germany
Wilhelm II of Germany (1859-1941) was the last Emperor of Germany and was King of Prussia. Wilhelm II Gold coins were the last gold coins issued by Germany.
British Coins Colloquial Names of British Coins and their Origins
Over the years most British coins have picked up colloquial names, nicknames such as quids, bobs and tanners. Some of these terms are so old that their etymology is no longer clear, but here are a few of the more famous names.
Flying Eagle Cents Flying Eagle Cents – History
In 1856 the US Mint began producing a smaller, lighter one cent coin. The Flying Eagle Cent was the first of what collectors now refer to as "Small Cents" but it was not popular.
2011 Quarter Gettysburg Pennsylvania Reverse The Gettysburg National Park Quarter
The sixth coin in the United States Mint's America the Beautiful Quarters series celebrates the United States Military Park at Gettysburg.
2011 America the Beautiful Quarters Program 2011 America the Beautiful Quarters Program
2011 America the Beautiful Quarters Program features Gettysburg National Military Park, Glacier National Park, Olympic National Park, Vicksburg National Military Park and Chickasaw National Recreation Area.
History of the Gold Double Eagle Coin
This article covers the history of the Gold Double Eagle, which is an American Gold coin that was minted between 1849 and 1933. The article covers how the coin got its name and a description of the major and minor variations.
BitCoin, crypocurrency How Are Bitcoins Made?
Bitcoins are made by solving complex math problems. This is done by a powerful machine that is built to solve these math problems. This process is called mining. People who own these machines to make money mining Bitcoins are called miners.
Investment Different Ways Of Investing
There are a wide range of ways you can approach Investing, including placing cash into stocks, securities, shared assets, ETFs, land (and other option venture vehicles), or notwithstanding beginning your own business.
investment; mutual funds 6 Tips on How to Choose Mutual Funds
Many of us face difficulty in choosing the right Mutual Funds and thus end up taking a wrong or inadequate decision. Therefore, it is quite essential to do in-depth market research and analyse various parameters prior to investing. But before we go for research, we must know about the different factors which we need to study and analyse.
investment; mutual funds How to Pick Profitable Stocks
Compare the average investor's returns around the world to the average Wall Street firm's returns. I think we would all agree that the average Wall Street firm is making the lion's share of the money while the average investor is either losing or not making much at all. Why? Because, they know how to pick stocks!
Silver Britannia What is a Silver Britannia?
Britannia’s are bullion coins minted in Britain. This article covers silver Britannia’s, but the coin is also minted in gold. This is the British silver bullion equivalent to the American Silver Eagle dollar or the Canadian Maple Leaf dollar.
penny uncirculated Grading Uncirculated Coins
Just because a coin is uncirculated doesn't mean that the coin is perfect. Uncirculated coins can have a number of blemishes, scratches, dents and even flaws. Grading Uncirculated coins properly will enhance the value of the collection.
investment; mutual funds What Are Mutual Funds?
Mutual funds are those professionally managed investment pools that, in a way, show the performance of several varied securities like stocks, bonds, and shares. They are usually organized by an advisory firm for the purpose of offering the fund's shareholders a specific investment goal.
Penny Black Penny Black: the World’s First Postage Stamp
In 1837 a schoolteacher named Rowland Hill proposed a prepayment system utilizing one cent stamps on postage. The Penny Black was this first, adhesive, postage stamp.
Forex Forex Trading Strategies
Forex trading revolves around currency trading. The value of the currency can rise and fall as a result of different factors that include economics and geopolitics. The changes in the currency value are what factor in the profits for Forex traders and this is the main objective of getting into the trades.
Carson City Mint History of the Carson City Mint USA
History of the Carson City Mint, USA. The mint ran from 1870-1885 and 1889-1893, and being the shortest lived mint, produced very few coins and many rarities with the mint mark CC.
Stock Trading Trading: 3 Simple Steps to Make the Most Out of Stochastic Oscillators
A stochastic oscillator is a momentum indicator comparing the closing price of a security to its price range over a specific period of time. It is one of the earliest technical oscillators in securities trading used to predict future market direction.
Discovering Silver Dollar Mint Error Coins
Discovering mint errors can be a rewarding endeavour. Mint errors add to the rarity of a silver dollar coin and help your understanding of the minting process in general.
Gold Investment 11 Strategic Investment Reasons to Buy Gold Bullion
Obviously, you may be asking why is gold so important or precious and what is all these noises really about? Well, the brain behind my write-up is that l doesn't want you to be ignorant of your financial/investment/retirement future and planning. You must not continue to leave in the dark-age in matters concerning gold and precious metals, thus I present before you infallible reasons why gold must be part of your investment combo.
2017 Platinum One Pound Nations Reverse 640x360 New One-Pound Coin Production Hits One Billion: It’s time to get rid of the old pound coins.
The new bi-metallic, 12-sided One-Pound (£1) coin which was launched on 28 March 2017 has now reached a production of one billion. It's time to get rid of the old pound coins.
1889 Crown Reverse The Crown: A Short History of the Famous British coin
The Crown is a very old coin, with origins dating back to Henry VIII. The English Crown first appeared in 1526. It had a value of five shillings (a quarter of a pound) but in 1990 was redenominated to £5. Although still legal tender these days it is effectively a commemorative coin minted in Cupronickel but Silver and Gold are also used.
Silver Krugerrand (plus Gold and Platinum) for 50 Year Anniversary
It's not a spelling mistake - we have a SILVER Krugerrand! Whatsmore, we have a PLATINUM Krugerrand plus EIGHT different weights of gold coin, including an unbelievable 50 ounce gold coin.
BitCoin, crypocurrency Bitcoin: A Brief Introduction To Blockchain
You may know about Bitcoin. What you may not know is how the technology underpinning this fashionable cryptocurrency is poised to change the world. It is called blockchain and it is one of the biggest potential game changers since the invention of the printing press.
1804 Draped Bust Silver Dollar (Bowed Liberty Dollar)
With only 15 specimens known, the 1804 Draped Bust dollar is the most interesting and desirable of all U.S. coins, with many mysteries and underworld type stories surrounding it. Known as the "King of coins", it is one of the most famous and valuable coins in the world. One sold in 2013 for $3,877,500. Beware of copies!
$5 Indian Head Half Eagle Gold Coins – 1908 to 1929
The $5 Indian Head Half Eagle gold coin is one of the most popular of all American gold coins. Designed by sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt its controversial incuse design sparked debate and disagreement when first released. Driven partly by its gold content and even more by its numismatic value the $5 Indian Head Half Eagle gold coin is a great addition to any coin collection.
What is a Morgan Dollar?
The Morgan Dollar was a USA silver coin minted from 1878 to 1904 and then again in 1921. It had a currency value of one US dollar. The name Morgan derives from the designer George T. Morgan (1845-1925) who was originally from Birmingham, England
The Vreneli 20 Swiss Francs Gold Coin (Helvetia Head)
The Vreneli is the informal name of a series of gold bullion coins made in Switzerland. The coin is known by a variety of names, formally as Helvetia Head (English) Tête d'Helvetia (French) or Helvetiakopf (German). Informally it is also known as Vreneli, Helvetia, Swiss Miss or just as a Gold 20 Swiss Francs.
What is a Wheat Penny? (USA Cent)
Mostly referred to as a Wheat Penny, the Lincoln one cent is known also by other names such as straw penny, wheat head, wheatie or wheat back. These pennies were produced in the United Stated during the years of 1909-1958. Their value was one cent -- at the time. If you find one of these pennies, it could be valuable!
The 1909 “VDB” Cent Controversy
This article describes the trials and tribulations the 1909 VDB cent went through after it was placed into circulation in August 1909. It highlights the artist's problematic relationship with the Mint's Cheif Engraver, Charles Barber, and discusses how and why Victor David Brenner was chosen to redesign the US cent coin.
Gold Double Eagle Reverse What Made the Gold Double Eagle Coins Controversial?
Not a lot of people are actually aware of what the Double Eagle gold coin is. It is a US denomination that corresponds to the present twenty dollars. What make this coin valuable is its gold content; ninety percent gold and ten percent alloy.
Eisenhower Silver Dollars
Dwight Eisenhower proved to be a successful leader in World War II, which led to the surrender of the Germans. He later was pursued by both parties for president. He won the 1952 election and again in 1956 as a Republican, and was known as an inspirational leader.
Coins of the Gupta Empire
The splendid gold coinage of Guptas, with its many types and infinite varieties and its inscriptions in Sanskrit, are the finest examples of the purely Indian art that we possess. Their era starts from around 320 with Chandragupta I's accession of the throne. Son of Chandragupta I-Samudragupta, the real founder of the Gupta Empire had coinage made of gold only.
The Draped Bust Silver Dollar Series
The new Draped Bust design silver dollar was introduced in October of 1795 and 42,738 examples were struck before the end of the year. These coins are proportionately less rare than the earlier flowing hair design, but there are 30 or so, MS-64 or MS-65 examples.
How to Spot a Fake 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar
1893-S Morgan silver dollars are so renowned, that more exist today than were originally minted. Most Counterfeit 1893-S Morgans consist of altered versions of existing genuine Morgan dollars.
Peace Silver Dollars
The story of the Peace Silver dollars. The most important concept behind the making of the Peace Silver Dollars was to produce a symbol of peacefulness and a reminder that the World War ended.
Buffalo Gold Coins – Some facts you may not know
If you're a coin collector, then have you considered Buffalo Gold Coins? They're one of the newest types of gold coins of the United States. Here are some facts about the coin.
Gold Bullion Price:10 Cogent Issues
Universally, gold is used as standard of value for currencies; in like manner the price of gold is usually expressed in US dollars. There may be slight fluctuation in the price of gold premised upon the market conditions and the highlighted cogent issues/determinants.
How to Spot an Altered Morgan Silver Dollar
The vast majority of Morgan dollar counterfeits are altered specimens of less expensive issues to mimic the low supply, high demand counterparts. Determining whether the coin you're looking at is real or phony, is fairly easy when you know what to look for.
What are Piedfort coins?
Piedfort coins are struck with the same die so they look like normal coins with the same diameter but are TWICE as thick – and therefore twice the weight. Here's how the practice started.
How to Make Hammered Coins
Old hammered coins were made in the first millennium BC using the hammered production method. As well as using the hammered method, many earlier coins were also made using a mould, where one mould was able to produce up to as many as 30 coins at one time.
Gold Investment Where’s Your Gold?
I'm not the only one who believes it's time to get a little more physical with our wealth. Many investors are adding physical gold to their assets.
What Is The Difference: Investing VS Trading
This is a simple explanation of investing and trading. The thing to learn think about is what type of personality do you have. These are two different strategies but booth styles can be profitable.
Strategies To Confirm The Authenticity Of Gold Bars
In fact, it is an old, old story that there is counterfeit of almost everything under the globe, gold, ingots, coins, bars and precious metals generally are not exempted. It is an open secret of fake coins emanating from Asia and gold bar drilled and filled with Tungsten.
Tech Titans Bet Big on This Sector
One industry is churning out jobs like an assembly line. So it's no wonder that tech titans the likes of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Ma recently committed $1 billion toward this sector.
BitCoin, crypocurrency Online Bitcoin Trading
It is no longer necessary to reverse engineer your competition, sell products on ClickBank, blog, leverage social media and do any tedious activities at all, in relation to earning a passive online income. Earning a formidable profit buying bitcoin and trading it online, has never been easier. You are about to learn everything you need to know to get started with your online bitcoin venture.
Gold Investment Gold Bullion – Safe Haven for Savvy Investors
The term bullion refers to gold, silver and other precious metals in form of coins, ingots or bars. Intrinsically, the value of bullion is determined by the purity and mass of the precious metal content. However, from time immemorial gold bullion has proven to be short and/or long term solution during dangling financial situations. Therefore, savvy investors and any reasonable person(s) needs to give greater consideration to their investment vehicles, thus gold bullion is the most effective and efficient strategy
gold coins The Saddle Ridge Hoard and the California Gold Rush
In 2013, a couple who lived in California was walking their dog on a trail within their property limits until the husband spotted a rusted metal can sticking out of the ground. He dug the can out of the ground. When he lifted it, he found out it was extremely heavy.
Forex 5 Forex Trading Tips That Will Save You Money
Have you been looking for Forex trading tips for success? If so, you may find this article helpful. While the tips can't guarantee success, they can definitely help you get a lot of important things done. Moreover, they can save you a good deal of money. According to experienced Forex traders, many people lose a lot of money just because they have no idea of the basic principles.
How to Collect and Invest In One Dollar Bills Using Serial Numbers
A one dollar bill may not seem like a lot of money, but some are rare and can become part of an investment. The key to knowing if a dollar bill is worth more than face value is to examine the serial number.
5 Unusual Places to Metal Detect
Metal detecting is a hobby for enthusiasts to hunt for treasure. This article is about five locations that a hunter would normally not search.
9 Key Reasons to Buy “Slabbed” Coins
Coins can be good investments, especially if you purchase "slabbed coins." "Slabs" give you peace of mind that their condition is graded and they are not counterfeited coins. Plus, owning "slabs" leads to less hassle and more money if you are selling your collection.
BitCoin, crypocurrency How to Buy Bitcoins
A small guide to buy digital currencies: How to Buy Bitcoins Everyone is curious as to what bitcoin is and how one gets to earn it and spend it. Bitcoin is the most famous and biggest digital currency in the world regarding market capitalization and the market share where there are no intermediaries to handle the transactions.
8 Interesting Facts About U.S. Currency
You will find talking about U.S. currency is interesting and surprising. In this article, I list eight facts about U.S. currency, or paper money.
Gold £5 Coin or Gold Crown?
There are two basic types of Gold Five Pound (£5) Coins - the Gold £5 (Quintuple Sovereign) and the Gold Crown. Here is the difference, how they came about and how to tell them apart.
Precious Metals Investing 2017: Keep an Eye on Silver
When it comes to investing in precious metals, gold usually gets most of the attention. But silver -- and silver mining -- may now be the better bet.
Questions First Time Investors Should Ask Before Investing
The most common problem that new investors do have is how to determine good investments from the bad ones, what to invest on, what time to invest among others.
South Coast Coin Fair – Sunday 21st May 2017
Worthing & District Numismatic Society are once again holding a coin fair on Sunday 21st May 2017.
A List of Kings and Queens of Great Britain
The Kingdom of Great Britain was formed on 1 May 1707. There has been 12 Monarchs.
Paper £5 notes withdraw from circulation on 5 May 2017
The UK Paper £5, featuring the image of Elizabeth Fry on the reverse, is to be withdrawn from circulation on 5 May 2017.
Presidents of the United States of America
A list of Presidents of the USA.
50 Pence Coin (UK 50p)
You can find more details in our main article for 50p Coins. The British Fifty Pence (50p) coin was introduced in October 1969 as part of [...]
2017 America the Beautiful Quarters Program 2017 America the Beautiful Quarters Program
The 2017 release of the America the Beautiful Quarters Set is the 8th in the series. Shows Effigy Mounds, Frederick Douglass, Ozark National Scenic Riverways, Ellis Island and George Rogers Clark National Historical Parks.
Midland Coin Fair 2017
Around 50+ dealers from all around the UK and is always on the second Sunday of each month. A large selection of modern coins, old, gold coins, sovereigns, silver coins, tokens, hammered coins, banknotes, medal, UK and foreign coins.
What is an American Gold Buffalo?
The American Buffalo, or simply Gold Buffalo, is a 24 carat ('karat') one-ounce gold coin struck by the United States Mint. It's design is based on the Indian Head Nickel.
1902 King Edward VII Gold Matt Proof Five Pound Coin
The 1902 King Edward VII Gold Proof Five Pound Coin has quite a rare finish - it's a matt proof.
New Polymer Fiver Launched 13th September 2016
The new UK Polymer Five Pound note was released on 13th September 2016 by the Bank of England, heralding a new era of plastic materials [...]
2015 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain Gold Proof Fifty Pence Piece 50p
1940 was a critical year for Britain in the Second World War. The Battle of Britain between the RAF and the Luftwaffe was effectively the first all-air battle of modern warfare. It's what Churchill said as 'This was their finest hour'.
1840-1873 Liberty Seated Silver Dollars
The Liberty Seated series silver dollar is impossible to complete in MS condition because of very small mintages and low survival rates. The series started as a slight variation of Christian Gobrecht's original obverse design
2010 Gold Proof ‘Restoration of Monarchy’ Crown (£5)
The 2010 Gold proof Crown (five pounds) was issued to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the Restoration of the Monarchy.
2013 America the Beautiful Quarters Program 2013 America the Beautiful Quarters Program
The 2013 release of the America the Beautiful Quarters® Silver Proof Set is the 4th in the series. Shows the White Mountain, Perry's Victory, Great Basin, Fort McHenry and Mount Rushmore sites.
2005 Perth Prospector Collection: An unusual gold set.
The 2005 Perth Prospector Collection consists of a Gold 1oz Prospector Nugget Coin, a 1905 Perth Mint Sovereign and 1/4oz natural gold nuggets, beautifully packaged in a wooden box.
2014 America the Beautiful Quarters Program 2014 America the Beautiful Quarters Program
The 2014 release of the America the Beautiful Quarters® Silver Proof Set is the 5th in the series. Shows the Great Smoky Mountains, Shenandoah, Arches, Great Sand Dunes and Everglades National Parks.
1999 Perth Mint Centenary Gold Proof Bi-metallic Sovereign (Reverse) 1999 Perth Mint Centenary Gold Proof Bi-metallic Sovereign
The 1999 Perth Mint Centenary Gold Proof Bi-metallic Sovereign was issued by the Perth Mint to commemorate its 100th anniversary of opening, 1899 - 1999. It has a face value of $100 Australian Dollars.
The Lincoln Cent: Enduring Over 100 Years
The Lincoln Cent, aka Wheat Penny, began mintage over 100 years ago in 1909 to honor the 100th birthday of our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln.
American Silver Eagle Coins – How They Are Made
The finished American Silver Eagle coin is a masterpiece of art and science - the product of a fascinating series of human and modern technological processes. Here is the story in brief.
2015 America the Beautiful Quarters Program 2015 America the Beautiful Quarters Program
The 2015 release of the America the Beautiful Quarters® Silver Proof Set is the 6th in the series.
1937 King George VI 4 Coin Gold Proof Sovereign Set
The only year Gold coins were released during the reign of King George VI was in 1937, making these coins - especially the sovereign - rare and much sought after by collectors.
A List of Pre-Euro Currencies
The euro is the sole currency of 19 EU member states. Here is a list of the previous currency used and the exchanged rate as fixed.
2016 America the Beautiful Quarters 2016 America the Beautiful Quarters Program
The 2016 release of the America the Beautiful Quarters® Silver Proof Set is the 7th in the series. The US Mint launched the series in 2010 to commemorate the most cherished National Parks and other National sites.
The Guinea
Made by machine using gold from the Guinea Coast of West Africa the coin probably became the most important coin of the realm.
Coin Care
If your coins are a few years (or hundreds of years) old, then there is a good chance that they may look a little dull, maybe discoloured, dirty, moldy, show fingerprints and all sorts of thing that you may think spoil it from its former mint-state glory. So here's what to do...
2001 Four Coin Gold Proof Sovereign Set (Marconi)
On 12 December 1901 the Italian Physicist Guglielmo Marconi became the first person to send a radio transmission across the Atlantic.
Kennedy Half Dollar Coin USA
Soon after John F Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, the US Mint decided to commemorate the late President with a coin. JFK’s widow, Jacqueline Kennedy [...]
2016 American Gold Eagle
The American Gold Eagle Coin was introduced in 1986 as an official gold bullion coin so the USA could compete with other Country’s offerings. It [...]
1993 Gold Proof ‘Coronation’ Crown (Five Pounds)
In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1993, the Royal mint issued a number of coins including a [...]
2016 Mark Twain Commemorative Coins USA
The United States Mint have honoured one of America’s greatest writers, Mark Twain, with the release of both a gold and a silver commemorative coin. [...]
UK 2012 Proof Sovereign: Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee
2012 was Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, celebrating 60 years of reign. The Sovereign features a new reverse design to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. [...]
The Half Crown
The half crown was a British coin which was valued at "2/6" (two shilling and sixpence) - 12½ pence in modern currency. It was literally half the value of the Crown.
List of Roman Emperors
This is a list of the Emperors of the Roman Empire 27BC (Augustus) until 476AD (Romulus Augustus). Prior to this there had been a Roman [...]
Midlands Coin Fair 2016
Name: Midlands Coin Fair Dates: Second Sunday of each month. Opens 9.30am. Venue: National Motorcycle Museum, Coventry Road, Bickenhill, Solihull, West Midlands, B92 0EJ. This [...]
The Forgotten USA Two-Dollar Bill
By Harrington A Lackey When you look inside your wallet you might find a $1, $5, $10, $20, even a $50 or a $100 bill, [...]
Introduction to British Coins – Current and Pre-Decimal
British coinage has a long history. The Royal Mint itself was formed well over 1100 years ago, but in this article I am going to [...]
Why Roman Coins Are NOT Expensive
When I show friends my coin collection, the coins that really give a ‘Wow’ reaction are the Roman coins. My friends must dream of the coin in the purse of some Roman Centurion around the time of Jesus, and it must be worth a fortune. They are soon shocked, and somewhat disappointed, to find that most Roman coins have a value of no more than a few pounds or dollars. How can this be?
Latin Inscriptions Latin Inscriptions on British Coins
What does the Latin on a modern British coin mean? British coins reflect a nation with a very long history and traditions that take a long time to die. Using Latin on coins is not anachronistic but a statement of who we, the British, are and hopefully will always be.
Canadian Silver Maples – 1oz Silver Coins – 99.99% Pure Silver
Due to it’s 99.99% purity, the Canadian Silver Maple is one of the most sought after ‘bullion’ coins, meaning that it is often bought for [...]
The Ancient Roman Coin System
Some of the most common ancient Roman coins include the aureus (gold), denarius (silver), and the sestertius (bronze). These coins were minted from half way through the third century BC till half way through the third century AD
1877 Indian Head Cent – A Rare Coin for the Appreciation of Coin Collectors
Some of the coins that have generally gained a lot of interest are the exceptionally beautiful coins like the 1877 Indian Head Cent
Liberty Seated Dollar: A Rare Collection
For a coin collector, the rare series of Liberty seated dollar coins is the most special he could find. The coins date back as far as 1850 on which the Lady Liberty is seen seated on a rock as opposed to how she is seen today, in a standing position.
Lincoln Cents – World’s Most Popular Coin for Numismatists
By Pia Cartel Coin collecting can be a profitable investment however, it depends upon the kind of coins being collected and not on the amount [...]
gold coins Investing in Gold Coins – Frequently Asked Questions
This article will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about investing in gold coins.
The 1989 Gold Proof 500th Anniversary Sovereign
The 1989 gold proof sovereign is one of the most sought after modern gold proof sovereign issues. For the first time since 1817, both the obverse and the reverse designs of the sovereign were jointly changed. Benedetto Pistrucci’s popular portrayal of St. George slaying the dragon was removed as the reverse design for one year. A design was needed to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the sovereign.
The Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin – The Purest of All Gold Bullion Coins
Produced entirely from Canadian gold sources, the Canadian Maple Leaf is made of 24 karat gold meaning they are 99.99% pure. They are said to be the purest gold bullion coins in the world.
The Canadian Silver Maple
One of the world’s most popular silver bullion coins, the Silver Maple Leaf has been minted by the Royal Canadian Mint since 1988. It is one of the purest silver bullion coins on the market – 1 ounce (31.1g) of 99.99% Silver.
Begin Your Coin Collection With 4 Simple Tips
Author: Hazel Blackthorne Coin collecting can be a very interesting and rewarding hobby. It is interesting because you will learn the history about coins and [...]
Royal Mint Proof Boxes – What Year, What Box?
Where the Royal Mint has been fairly consistent with the reverse designs used, they have not with the style of presentation boxes used.
American Coin Collecting is Fun and Lucrative
by Elizabeth Jonas USA Silver, Gold and Platinum coin collecting may be a great way for you to have fun and also make investments at [...]
Buy US Coins for Collecting or Resale: Spotting Fake Coins
by Peter Nisbet When you buy US coins for your coin collection or to resell at a profit, it is a fascinating activity that can [...]
American Gold Buffalo Coin Collecting
by Elizabeth Jonas The American Gold Buffalo coin made by the United States Mint is a beautiful gold coin and is a favorite among coin [...]
Rare US Coins: Collecting Valuable American Coins
by Peter Nisbet A fascination with rare US coins and collecting valuable American coins is becoming increasingly popular as even old pennies are steadily gaining [...]
The 10 Most Expensive American Coins
By Mark Etinger As any numismatist knows, the quality and condition of a coin can greatly influence the price and expectations of those who are [...]
The Australian Silver Kookaburra Coin Series
In 1990 the Perth Mint in Australia released the first coin in this wonderful series. As the name suggests each coin that has been released depicts the “KOOKABURRA” bird, with a new design every year.
Coin Collecting Basics – How To Get Started Collecting Coins As A Hobby
Coin Collecting Basics – How To Get Started Collecting Coins As A Hobby By Mike Taylor If you are thinking about starting the fun hobby [...]
USA cents Coin Collecting – US Cents of the 1940′s
Back in World War II- especially in 1943 – the metal demand for the war efforts in Europe changed the way pennies were made. The U.S. mint was home trying to find a way to decrease their use of copper so the copper in turn could be used to produce shell casings, bullets, bombs and guns for the troops.
Coin Collecting – The Top 10 List [USA]
Coin Collecting is a great hobby, and a great way to invest too. This is a guide of how to start a collection of American coins and recommends ten groups from which to base a collection.
The Gold Sovereign
The British Gold Sovereign is one of the most ubiquitous of all coins and much sought after by both coin collectors and bullion investors. Read more about this historic coin.
Why gold is a good investment – and why it is so expensive and rare
Gold has long been a popular choice as an investment. Yet as a metal, gold is too soft for many applications; it is the most malleable metal known. Gold is a good electrical conductor; copper and silver are better and much cheaper, although gold is less prone to corrosion. Yet none of gold's physical properties justify it's extremely high cost.
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