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Welcome to CoinParade! We have lots of great articles on coin collecting and the history of coins. Use our knowledgebase to research popular coins such as sovereigns, two-pounds or 50 pence’s. We have over a 1000 pages of information.

Most of our content is about British coins, but we have articles on American, Canadian, Australian and several other countries. We occasionally write about investments, metal detecting and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

CoinParade.co.uk is authored by Les Kendall. I built this site because I am interested in coin collecting, and as a professional Freelance Software Developer I have been lucky enough to write software for several professional Coin and bullion dealers.

By trade, I am a professional .NET, PHP and WordPress software developer, and owner of RobotBooker Ltd, a small software company in England which develops Booking and Reservation Systems. I also have published apps to the Apple iTunes Store for the iPhone and the Microsoft Windows Store.

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Beside the RobotBooker systems, I get involved with eCommerce development. I use many PHP based products such as WordPress, Prestashop and the Yii Framework. I have developed advanced systems in .NET including global web services for SOA and Cloud infrastructures.

If you would like to pass a comment or maybe need help on a project, You can contact me at Les[AT]makeITspendIT.com. I’m happy to give advice and there’s no obligation.

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Notes about Content

All the content here is original and copyright. All articles are original to us unless specifically acknowledged otherwise. Unless I’ve used public domain images or given specific attribution, images have been created by us or used with permission from M J Hughes Coins.

Everything on this site is legal and accurate as far as I know it. If you have any corrections then please email me.

If anyone would like to contribute articles then please email them to me. You can retain your copyright on the article but you will need to give us permission to publish it.

Mintage Figures

Mintage figures come from different sources, including the web, books and coin dealers. There is sometimes a discrepancy or dispute about the actual figures and in those cases I’ve tried to use what is generally acknowledged as the most authentic. There is also a difference between what is allowed to be minted and how many are actually issued.

Mintage of gold coins such as sovereigns can be confusing even to mints, as they have in the past melted worn coins down and re-minted them, and then counted that as a new coin. Whatever, no one really knows how many specimens of a given coin are actually still in existence and it’s down to the experience of dealers and collectors to ascertain the real rarity and value of that coin.


My great-nephew, Max Hughes, is a professional coin dealer at M J Hughes Coins. I thank him for his advice and allowing me to use images from his website.


This site carries eBay listings and affiliate advertisements. I may get commission if you click on these links and make a subsequent purchase.

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