Fake Fake Coins are a Growing Concern - By Fake coins, I actually mean Counterfeit, which are coins sold to deceive us into thinking the coin is real. They are also called replicas, copies, imitations and other words to try to get us to gloss over the fact that the coin is not actually genuine.
Midland Coin Fair 2018 South Coast Coin Fair – Sunday 20th May 2018 - Worthing & District Numismatic Society are once again holding a coin fair on Sunday 20th May 2018
American Coins How American Coinage Started - American Coinage began soon after the Declaration of Independence. Up until then European coins were being used and one ounce of silver was considered to be one dollar.
British coins Metals used in Modern British Coins - We handle coins on virtually a daily basis. We talk about their worth, and collectors like us discuss their designs in great detail. But unless the coin is some precious metal we rarely investigate what metals make up the coin and why they were used. So I thought I would.
Hobo Nickel What are Hobo Nickels? - Hobo Nickels are small pieces of art (sculptures) made from carving (traditionally) Buffalo Nickel coins. The term is actually generic and applies to any coin that is carved to produce a new image. The technique has been used over the centuries with many different coins.
1967 Krugerrand Reverse What Makes the South African Krugerrand So Popular? - The Krugerrand is by far the most famous ounce gold coin. The first Krugerrand was minted in 1967 and since then the South African coin has remained a favorite choice for investors.
Peace Dollar The Creation of the Peace Silver Dollar - Farran Zerbe was the coin collector who founded the Chase Manhattan Bank Money Museum in New York City with his own superb coin collection. He campaigned for a new silver dollar coin intended for circulation. Finally, on May 9th, 1921 a joint resolution by the House and Senate brought the Peace Dollar into existence.